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Erfolgsfaktoren eines Transformationsprojekts

Die Fujitsu Future Insights Global Digital Transformation Survey 2018 zeigt, dass es vor allem sechs Erfolgsfaktoren sind, die über Wohl und Wehe eines Transformationsprojekts entscheiden. Zwar sind auch die Treiber hinter den einzelnen Projekten und Initiativen genauso wie der Status quo in der jeweiligen Gesamtbranche erfolgskritisch – in erster Linie aber kommt es auf die Führungsqualität im Unternehmen, auf motivierte und qualifizierte Mitarbeiter, die Agilität und den Integrationsgrad an.
Fujitsu today released its Fujitsu Future Insights Global Digital Transformation Survey Report 2018, which outlines the results of its research conducted amongst 1,535 C-level executives and decision-makers at enterprises of various sizes across different industries in 16 countries(1). With this survey Fujitsu aims to gain a better understanding of the global state of digital transformation with regard to artificial intelligence, IoT and other advanced technologies.
The results revealed the current state of initiatives and challenges related to global digital transformation in different industries, and the report highlights six factors that deliver business success through digital transformation. In addition the findings provide insights in which fields in particular AI offers benefits. Fujitsu will leverage these findings to further strengthen its co-creation capabilities to support customers' digital transformation.
Digital transformation, through the deployment of new technologies such as AI and IoT, has progressed from the strategic planning stage to the delivery of concrete business successes. However, the results are far from uniform. The establishment of new digital transformation-based business models and roll out to new businesses, as well as the state of progress and success, vary across industries, so it is imperative to accurately understand the needs and state of digital transformation in each sector.
To gain such an understanding, and to best support customers' digital transformation journeys, Fujitsu conducted the second iteration of its Global Digital Transformation Survey, first carried out in 2017, seeking to shed light on ever-more specific business results.

Summary of Survey Findings

  1. Driving factors behind digital transformation initiatives
    The survey revealed that motivating factors for digital transformation initiatives differed across industry sectors. In finance, manufacturing, and healthcare, decision makers are primarily motivated by the need to increase operational efficiency, while transportation companies are driven to respond to competitive threats, and retail companies hunger for business growth.

  2. Digital Transformation Progress
    The finance industry is the furthest advanced in digital transformation initiatives, with results showing that approximately 90% of respondent financial services companies are already engaged in digital transformation.

  3. Digital Transformation Results
    Many companies from each industry are already achieving business results from their digital transformation initiatives. In finance and retail, about 30% of projects have already delivered successful outcomes.

  4. Digital Transformation Success Factors
    Six factors were found to determine the success of outcomes from digital transformation projects: Leadership, People, Agility, Business Integration, Ecosystem and Value from Data. These could be seen as the organizational capabilities that need reinforcement in order to bring about successful digital transformation.

  5. Impact of AI on Business
    Business leaders understand that AI is set to have a significant impact on their industries, organizations, and wider society. The bulk of respondents are positive about its future development, with 68% believing that the future will involve people and AI working collaboratively.
Survey Overview
  1. Period: February 2018
  2. Respondents: 1,535 C-level executives and decision-makers at mid- and large-sized companies spread across 16 countries worldwide
  3. Methodology: Anonymous online survey
Fujitsu Future Insights Global Digital Transformation Survey Report 2018 can be downloaded here:

Fujitsu annually publishes its Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision, which sets out how we think business and society can be innovated with technology. The results of this year's Digital Transformation Survey align with much of the thinking behind the Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision 2018.
Fujitsu Future Insights--which includes this survey report and whitepapers that detail the state of digital transformation and possible future trends across industries--provides deeper analyses of challenges affecting transformation in specific fields and the impact of technologies, and also offers suggestions for possible future scenarios and strategies related to those fields.
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